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Group Exhibition, Carre Rouge, Z Gallery, Montreal, Canada, 2012.

Soul Exhibition, Our Colour Is Not Black, Flix Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium, 2011.

Soul Exhibition, Balck takes me away, Banu Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2011.

Soul Exhibition, Balck takes me away, CTRLLAB Gallery, Montreal, Canada, 2011.

Soul Exhibition. "Black days, Red Nights", Gallery 411, Montreal, Canada, 2015

Group Exhibition. "Catharsis", Le Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, Montreal, Canada, 2016

Group Exhibition. "Norouz", Queen Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2017

Group Exhibition. "Hope & Dream", Le Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, Montreal, Canada, 2017

  Solo Exhibition, De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, U.K, London, 2017

Aryan Arian is a professional and independent photographer/Filmmaker who lives in Montreal. 

He started photography and film-making at the age of 16. His first short film won the best editing prize in a youth film festival in Iran when he was 17. He received his B.A in Film Directing and M.A in Cinema studies from University of Art in Tehran. He moved to Canada in 2001 and after almost 25 years photography experience in Iran and Canada, Arian decided to expose his own uniquely-styled photography in Canada and Europe in 2012. Lonely women talking to the darkness, lonely women talking to the statuses, lonely women talking to the nature, lonely women looking for peace, lonely women tortured by religion and specifically Islam, are themes Arian has been attached to. These subjects are the main matter of his artworks, along with his nude art photographs, on which he is focusing these days.

Arian started nude photography in 2004 and He is the only Iranian photographer who is focusing in fine art nude photography and criticizing the religion by his unique style.


Beside the photography Arian studied video editing by Avid program and he has made many short films and documentaries as a film director and editor. He has worked as an editor for many documentaries, short films, dance performances, TV announcements, music video and also a feature film.


The topics and the atmospheres in his artworks are about Loneliness, Women, Minimalism, Virulence, Absurdism, Death, Meaningless of life, Tenebrism, Cultural Symbols, Nudity, Formalism, Erotism and Critisizing Religions.


“Dark days, Red Nights” is his new exhibition in Montreal(2016) and London(UK, 2017), a compilation of old and new photographs expressing his viewpoint in darkside of Islam, women, and Torture.

His next exhibition is his new and unique idea which is his inspiration of Persian culture, painting and symbols.



Photo Exhibitions:


- U.K, London,  De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, Solo Exhibition, 2017


- Canada, Montreal, Le Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, Group Exhibition, 2017


- Canada, Montreal, Queen Art Gallery, Group Exhibition, 2016


- Canada, Montreal, Le Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec, Group Exhibition, 2016             


- Canada, Montreal, Art Gallery 411, Solo Exhibition, 2015                                                                      

- Canada, Montreal, Mai Gallery, Group Exhibition, 2015                                                                        

- Canada, Montreal, Mai Gallery, Group Exhibition, 2014                                                                       

- Canada, Montreal, Z Gallery, Group Exhibition, 2012                                                                           

- Belgium, Antwerp, Felix Gallery, Solo Exhibition, 2011                                                                          

- Canada, Toronto, Banu Gallery, Solo Exhibition, 2011                                                              

- Canada, Montreal, Ctrllab Gallery, Solo Exhibition, 2011                                                             

- Iran, Tehran, Museum of Nature and Wildlife, Group exhibition, 1998                                           

- Iran, Tehran, City Hall Cultural Centre, Solo Exhibition, 1997