My main concern is to develop my own signature and present photos whose atmosphere is my own creation. Some of my collections take years to create the right form and content.

It is your duty to discover my artworks with your own eyes and thoughts. I give you the key, but the way to open the door is yours.

Art Nude: After starting to take nude photographs in 2004, I noticed something has inadvertently made its way into most of the photos, which is solitude. Both the so-called modern and the religious societies have the same disparaging attitude towards the nude art and view it as a taboo in a moralistic light. Consequently, in confronting a piece of nude art, it’s the naked body per se that gets the most of attention and so it’s pretty hard to portray nudity as solely a formative component of an artwork.

"Lonely in Darkness": This personalized atmosphere came in form of pitch-dark spaces with lonely human figures placed at a corner. After several years of working in the domain of nude art, in 2008 I started working on this project. Lonely figures which were placed against dominantly dark spaces constituted the common visual element of this project. The black spaces stand for a darkened lifestyle which I’ve always been critical of. Such presentation is a reflection of my beliefs. gloom and sorrow is an inevitable and dominant aspect of people’s life.

"Islamic Turbans" & "Victim of Verses": For several years I had this idea of creating a photo series which presents a critical view of the violence in Islam. Eventually in 2011 I started working on two collections called Islamic Turbans and Victims of the Verses. Due to their new and different approaches in underscoring the shackles of religion and the religion-induced violence, these two series of photos garnered ample attention. In Islamic Turban series, a turban turns into a tool for [committing] violence. The formation of this series, its atmosphere and style and selection of its subjects took a good two years. In Victim of Verses series, I researched for months and selected the verses from Quran which advocates violence and discrimination against women. These verses are shown written on a fabric and extend over a [feminine] body which is veritably enchained by a them.

" Legend": In Legend series I was studying traditional Persian paintings for some years and had this idea in mind that one day I should take photos with minimized perspective, which instead present some elements of Persian paintings such as Tazhib (Gilding) and Iranian symbols. After several years (almost 7 years) of consideration and experience, I alighted upon the idea of using Persian carpet as the background and taking photos from an overhead angle.

"Doppelganger": In most of the Doppelganger series I’m physically present. My intention in this series here is to capture the physical and emotional relation between two people in various forms and embodiments.Sometimes people are physically together and emotionally faraway and vice versa. It’s probably a series of photos in which eroticism has been given prominence.

"A window to Darkness": This series deals with violence and sex and indifference about what’s happening around, by using a dark space and localized lighting. One can identify in these photos influences from Tenebrism school and Baroque painting and these influences are processed through a creative vision and translated into a personal style.

"Silence & Dreams": is the idea to achieve some sort of minimalism and I was inspire of the Japanese poetry Haiku and also Khayyam. Still I have my own signature in this series and colors and composition comes from my interest in painting, my own poetry and also my dreams. It’s the first time I use the white solid color as a background and there are a few elements of nature in an empty space which dominates the other objects.

"Life" and "Feeling" series are my point of view to people's life and emotions. "Near" and "Faraway" series are my view to still life, details, forms and landscapes.

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